Systematic Review of Predictors of Admission to Care Home following Hospital Admission

This project started back in August 2015 and the protocol was registered on PROSPERO and can be accessed here. It seeks to define the existing research on predictors of care home admission, which have not previously been summarised for those admitted to hospital.

The initial search resulted in 9,167 articles (after removing duplicates) and this has been reduced to 423 articles for full-text review. We have decided to present the work by looking first at predictors of admission to a care home directly from acute hospital settings and, later, to consider those from rehabilitation settings.

The acute hospital settings review is complete, including a total of 39 articles. A further 14 articles were identified in rehabilitation settings. The findings of the review were presented at the Nursing Home Research International Working Group Meeting in Barcelona, 9th-10th November 2016, programme available here.

A paper drawing on the data from the acute hospital review has been published in Age and Ageing, the full text is freely available to download here. A second paper looking at the predictors after stroke has been published in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society and the full-text is freely available to download here.