H2CH Research

Welcome to the Hospitals to Care Homes (H2CH) Research project website, which has been created to summarise my PhD work. My PhD is about exploring the transitions of older adults from hospitals into care homes, with particular interest in the role of cognition, specifically dementia and delirium.

Being admitted to a care home is a significant life-changing experience, which is often necessary when care needs can no longer be supported in the community. Just under half of all those newly admitted to care homes as long-stay residents in Scotland each year come directly from hospital settings. While care home admissions from the community have been well studied, those from hospital are poorly described. Care home admission from the acute hospital setting is known to vary six-fold across England & Wales and is advised against in health policy documents. We do not know how many people are admitted to care homes from acute settings in Scotland each year or whether there are variations between regions.

The six component projects of my PhD will use different research methods to help to improve our understanding of the predictors, processes and patterns of care home admission from hospital. These are at different stages and are summarised separately, using the links on the left of the page. As you will appreciate, this website is a work in progress and developing as my PhD progresses. The information is intended to raise interest and awareness of the subject and to promote discussion.

If you are interested in the work, please feel free to Tweet me @JenniKBurton or complete the which will open in a new browser window.


Jenni Burton is a Clinical Research Fellow with the Alzheimer Scotland Dementia Research Centre and the Centre for Cognitive Ageing & Cognitive Epidemiology (CCACE) at the University of Edinburgh. She is a junior doctor and aspiring geriatrician, whose long-term personal and research goal is to improve care in care homes. She moved to Edinburgh and started her PhD in August 2015, supervised by Dr Susan Shenkin and Professors Alasdair MacLullich, Emma Reynish and John Starr. She is primarily based in Geriatric Medicine at the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh.